show sign


At Dar-Col Stable we participate in all types of shows. We compete in many New England shows in the spring, summer, and fall. After camp we hold our own barn show, which helps our students to see how they are progressing by experiencing a show environment with a real judge. And in the winter, we attend regional tournaments.

Once spring arrives, the show season begins! Most shows that Dar-Col participates in include academy-level classes. If you show at the academy level, you need to wear a helmet (for most levels), shirt, tie, and jods. We recommend that you wear a vest as well. Many of our riders enjoy showing at this level.

Here are examples of academy class riders:

If you really want to compete at the top, you can show in the show-level classes. These classes require the riders to be in a full suit with derby. This level of competition has all age groups, so everyone can participate in these shows as long as there are available show-level horses, or you have your own show horse. Here are some examples of riders who have participated for Dar-Col in show-level classes:


At the end of the summer, we have our barn show and cookout. The show is a schooling show, and all levels can compete. The dress is the same as academy: nice shirt, tie, jods, and helmet (vests are again, recommended as they show a rider's form better for equitation classes). Students win ribbons and trophies.


In the winter we attend tournaments. Tournaments are casual shows that are held at various stables around Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. These stables have large indoor rings where the classes take place. Suits are not worn. As you can see in the picture below, Rachael is wearing a sweater. At the beginner levels, helmets are required, however. Tournaments are a great opportunity to exercise your skills in the show circuit. They are fun, and most barns provide a delicious lunch for everyone.