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Lesson Program


What is taught in a lesson?

We teach horsemanship to all of our students, so in addition to riding, students are taught to lead, groom, saddle and bridle their horses. This hands on approach is extremely important in building confidence and helping to develop "horse sense".  

How young can a child begin riding?

Children as young as 3 years old may begin riding lessons. However, for safety reasons we require that children ages 3 - 7 years of age receive private lessons until we are sure they are ready to move up.

Do you offer lessons for adults who have never been on a horse before?

ABSOLUTELY! Horseback riding is for everyone. It is a wonderful aerobic activity. Dar-Col Stable has horses for every level rider. Once you graduate to group level we offer adult only evening classes.

Can the family ride together?

Yes and No. Regardless of age, students remain in private lessons until they can safely balance and guide their horse at a rising trot. Once that task is mastered, students generally graduate to semi-private (two students) and eventually into a small group lesson.

Do we need our own horse?

No. This is where Dar-Col Stable is unique. We offer horses and ponies for every level of rider: from our honest and dependable beginner level ponies and horses to our challenging and exciting former World Champion horses.

What kind of horses do you have?

We have Morgans and American Saddlebred horses in our lesson and show/training programs. Click here to meet our horses!

How frequently should we ride?

We require our students to ride at least once a week. Horseback riding is a physical sport that requires timing and coordination. As with any sport or hobby, the more you practice, the more proficient your skills become.

What are your payment and cancellation policies?

You have two payment options:

Call or email for prices.

When you have selected a lesson day(s) and time, that time slot is yours!

Changes or cancellations must be made two weeks before the new month starts.

Riders will be responsible financially for missed lessons, without exception.

Do you participate in horse shows?

Showing is not mandatory. You may take weekly lessons without ever hitting the show ring; however, if you decide to try, you will find competition with Dar-Col an enjoyable opportunity to learn sportsmanship in a friendly environment. Dar-Col's lesson students have won awards at all level shows. For the beginner show rider we participate at winter tournaments and Academy level shows. As an introduction to the world of horse shows, Dar-Col Stable hosts summer and fall schooling shows. These fun events are for Dar-Col's lesson students only and include a BBQ and games for the whole family.

What kind of clothes do we need?

We understand riding may be an introductory activity. Therefore, before you invest in riding attire, the next best things are a well fitting bike helmet, pants without an inseam, and boots with a heel.

When the time comes we will individually help you select safe and appropriate riding attire.