Lesson Attire



A properly fitting helmet is a must.  We do have helmets at the barn for first lessons.  Any local tack shop will carry helmets ($35.00 - $50.00).




Both children and adults will need to wear long pants during lessons.  You can not ride in shorts.  Pants that ride up at the bottom or have a hard inseam will not work well. 

Jodphur "jods" are available at some local tack stores and online. However, saddleseat jods do differ from the more popular hunt seat jods.  Hunt seat jods are easier to find and are inexpensive and are fine for children just beginning.

These are correct saddleseat jods that have a long heel.




Boots are a necessity.  Horses can step on exposed toes or ones covered with thin material.  A boot with a heel keeps a foot in a stirrup.  Low (ankle high) Jod boots are available at local tack shops.  Saddleseat does not use high boots (up to the knee).   

In the winter keeping warm is very important.  Small warm packets work well in boots.  Winter *riding* gloves can be worn as long as they are not too bulky.  Large clunky winter boots won't fit in stirrups.  Doubling up on pants keeps them close fitting and adds an extra layer.   

Local area tack shops that carry saddleseat apparel:

Griffinbrook Tack Shop - Auburn, NH

Saddleseat Connection - Raymond, NH

Basic tack shops that carry helmets, boots, gloves, etc:

Pelham Saddlery - Pelham, NH

State Line Tack - Salem, NH 

World Champion Horse Equipment - Horse Supplies and Horse Tack

P & S Enterprises